Fairfield Woodworks Cabinetry Styles and Designs

Our cabinet designs ranging from ultra contemporary to old world traditional. All cabinets are completely custom built in any size, shape, color and wood species. Our Craftsmanship and optional features will provide Affordable Custom Cabinetry.
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Real Wood Cabinetry Gallery with Water-Based Stain Styles
Our water-based finishes provide you with a spectrum of options to explore. From classic stains to our artistically inspired glazes, our diverse collection of cutting-edge finishes provides a beautiful appearance, stunning depth of look, and smooth, touchable feel that exceeds expectations of real wood cabinetry!
Due to the color variations in wood, finishes, photography, and yes, even computer monitors, it is recommended to order a sample of your desired material and finish combination before placing an order for the complete project.
Real Wood Cabinetry Gallery with Water-Based Stain Styles with Glaze
also available in transparent glaze options
Real Wood Cabinetry Gallery with Water-Based Painted Stain Styles
also available in glaze